iPad® Apps

Technology Integration: Sublime’s Got an App for That

Introducing eTeachables® for the Apple® iPad®

Access the power of Sublime Learning® eTeachables® anyplace, anytime. Our apps put technology integration at your fingertips
(with new libraries being created to meet educational demand)
so teachers can create meaningful activities while simultaneously developing an interactive, collaborative classroom.

  • Leverage mobile technology for stronger learning
  • Build a repertoire of instructional strategies
  • Strengthen collaboration and interaction as students model, design and share using a variety of interrelated apps
  • Create a UDL environment in which different app choices meet different students’ needs
  • Incorporate instructional strategies to support meaningful inclusion in the classroom
  • Make connections between regular and modified classroom curriculum and expectations
  • Assign any combination of eTeachables® and track professional development hours for district-approved credits

Ready to go mobile? View our app-specific eTeachables libraries

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